Call of Interest

Call of interest for ECU arbiters 2024

Dear colleagues,

The Call of Interest for arbiters who wish to be appointed as match arbiters in European events in 2024 is here! We are addressing International and FIDE Arbiters (IAs and FAs) who are under the flag of federations that are affiliated to the European Chess Union. As ECU Arbiters’ Council, we appoint 20% of the match arbiters in each European event and we select them based on their skills, experience and tournament preference.

This year, trying to constantly improve, we have introduced points for arbiters who have been Sector Arbiters in World or Continental events and we only consider private events of 9 rounds and standard time control, where it is possible for players to achieve norms (please note that you will be asked to provide the tournament link from the FIDE Rating Server).

You can find the regulations here.

Especially for this year, the deadline to apply is extended as following:

January 20th deadline for submitting applications

January 25th deadline for Federations to send any remarks on the published list

List of interested arbiters for 2024 (pdf)

Call of interest for ECU arbiters 2023

The time of the year has come to launch the Call of Interest for 2023!

If you have never participated before, the ECU Arbiters’ Council appoints foreign arbiters (20% of all match arbiters) in all European events. Arbiters who wish to be considered, should fill in the application form, answer questions regarding their skills, experience and tournament preferences and are awarded points accordingly.

The major change this year is that we wish to promote gender equality and see more female arbiters in European events. Additionally, we would like to give more chances to our colleagues who have not been appointed before in European or World events. Further details can be found in the Regulations.

Please note that the Call of Interest addresses arbiters who are at least FAs.

List of interested arbiters for 2023 (pdf)

Call of interest for ECU arbiters 2022

After the first Call of interest for arbiters to be appointed by ECU Arbiters’ Council in European Championships was launched in 2019, pursuant to the relevant regulations the Arbiters’ Council launches the second Call on Interests for 2022 European Championships.

The appointments will be made according to the relevant Regulations which can be found here.

Note that following a lot of comments regarding the languages’ evaluation, the rules about languages have been significantly changed. The Arbiters’ Council also decided to value the experience that arbiters got at a national level, to give a chance also to very experienced arbiters who, unfortunately, never had the chance to be in one European or World Championship.

The deadline for applications has passed. More information will be published shortly. 

The Call of Interest for Events in 2022: List of interested arbiters (pdf)

List of appointed arbiters (pdf, last update 17. 05. 2022)

Call of interest for ECU arbiters 2020–2021

During the European Chess Union General Assembly in Batumi, Georgia (26 October 2019), the delegates unanimously approved the proposal by ECU Arbiters’ Council regarding the system of appointments of arbiters for the ECU events. According to the new regulations, the ECU Arbiters’ Council will have a right to appoint foreign arbiters (20% of all match arbiters) for each ECU events. It means that first time ever a part of arbiters’ team will be nominated directly by the Arbiters’ Council. It gives us a possibility to create on European level a nomination system for arbiters, based on qualification, experience and evaluations of arbiters.

Therefore we are announced the call of interest for the arbiters who are interested to be appointed for ECU events in 2020.

Any qualified (FA or IA) arbiter, having a regular arbiter’s license, registered under any Federation included in ECU Statute Annex 1 may apply for one or more ECU official championship by submitting his application directly through the Arbiters’ Council website.

The Call of Interest for Events in 2020: List of interested arbiters (pdf)

List of appointed arbiters (pdf, last update 10. 12. 2021)

ECU Online Arbiters

List of all certified Online Arbiters (google sheet, last update 11. 5. 2021)