Reporting Procedure

The ECU Arbiters’ Council kindly asks Chief Arbiters of ECU Events to follow the Reporting Procedure for ECU Events:
  • Fill in the Arbiters Report (list of all arbiters), in xls
  • Fill in the online tournament report
  • Submit the online evaluation form for every arbiter
  • Make sure every arbiter from the report will submit the GDPR consent

Tournament report – consists of all the important information about the event. Click on the button below to fill it in.

Evaluation forms – give us information about all arbiters present at the event. These can be later used for the ECU Call of interest and other decisions related to appointments of arbiters in the ECU events. Click on the button below to fill them in – you can use a different one for each positon of arbiter at your particular event.

Arbiters reports – concise list of all arbiters present at the event. You can find all the submited reports here. Fill in this report in xlsx first, because you will be asked to add it as an attachment to the online Tournament report.

The GDPR consent – The online GDPR form has to be filled and confirmed by each and every arbiter. This form can be found below.

If an arbiter had already filled this consent during a previous ECU Event, it is not required from him to fill it again. If an arbiter doesn’t wish to fill and/or sign the GPRD consent, he/she can still perform as an arbiter during ECU events, however he/she will be not evaluated, and will not be included in the Arbiters’ Councils database. In the future, the refraining arbiter will not be proposed by the ECU Arbiters’ Council for any position in future  ECU Events.

Online form will be transfered dirrectly. It requires a double confirmation password, which will be provided the CA of every event.