Important regulations for ECU Arbiters

Fide Laws of Chess taking effect from 1 January 2018 (pdf)

Or visit the FIDE Handbook, section E. Miscellaneous, 01. Laws of Chess.

General Regulations for Competitions (pdf, FIDE Handbook, valid from 1 July 2019)

Annex 1: Details of Berger Table (pdf)

Annex 2: Details of Varma Tables (pdf)

Or visit the FIDE Handbook, section C. General Rules and Recommendations for Tournaments, 05. General Regulations for Competitions.

General Regulations for Competitions correction highlighted version (pdf, FIDE Rules Commission)

Anti-Cheating Guidelines (pdf, FIDE Handbook)

Tournament Complaint Form (pdf, FIDE Handbook)

Tournament Complaint Form (pdf, FIDE Handbook)

European Anti-cheating rules (ECU website)

Reporting Procedure for ECU Events (pdf download)

See the info on our website here.

The appointments of ECU arbiters for ECU events is done according to the following regulations: 
System of Appointments of the Arbiters in Official ECU Championships (pdf)
(the table with concrete points given will be published later).

Visit the FIDE Handbook, section B. Permanent Commissions, 06. Regulations for the Titles of Arbiters to find the rules and all the necessary annexes. 

Regulations for the classification of the arbiters (pdf, FIDE Handbook)

List of arbiters by Federation, Title, Category, Type of license and Activity (pdf, FIDE Arbiters’ Commission)