Evaluation MA

Dear C.A.
The ECU Arbiters’ Council is deeply committed to evaluating the arbiters’ performance with the purpose of improving the overall quality.
For this purpose, your job of evaluating your staff is crucial.
We ask you to consider that the evaluation is not a moral judgement or an act of friendship. By saying an arbiter didn’t perform at the expected standard for one European Championship, you are not hurting them, but helping them enhance their future capabilities.
We ask you to be objective and evaluate to the best of your knowledge and experience rather than your personal relationships with the arbiter: this will help us, the evaluated arbiters and the European movement in general.
We also ask you to comment briefly on each grade to let us understand why you gave a particular evaluation. “They were excellent” or “they were bad” are not sufficient comments. Try to be specific and refer to particular facts that occurred during the event and persuaded you to give that evaluation.
We finally ask you to put a general comment on the arbiter’s job, preferably highlighting possible weaknesses and how to improve, as long as the specific good qualities that the arbiter showed.
Our purpose is not to remove “bad arbiters” from the scene or glorify “very good arbiters”. We wish to have a clear picture of the arbiters’ level, to build some specific training and improve their qualities, and to understand in what function the arbiter do their best.
Don’t forget that a random or trivial assessment doesn’t say anything about the evaluated arbiter but gives a lot of information about the evaluator: we ask you to dedicate a bit of your time to have an objective and comprehensive evaluation of your staff.

Please fill in this form for every arbiter in the tournament.
We appreciate your cooperation.
The ECU Arbiters’ Council.


European Chess Union Event:

Given Name (First Name) of the Evaluated Arbiter:

Surname of the Evaluated Arbiter:

FIDE ID of the Evaluated Arbiter:

Did the arbiter arrive on time for the rounds and meetings?


Did the arbiter follow the dress code?

Did the arbiter make an effort to ensure silence and good playing conditions in the playing hall?

Does the arbiter have good knowledge of setting and adjusting the clocks?

Did the arbiter cooperate well with the players and respond to their requests?

Did the arbiter handle claims effectively and resolve situations that occurred?

Did the arbiter respond well to time trouble?


Was the arbiter observing the games?


Is the arbiter able to cover all his/her games simultaneously?


Did the arbiter collect and handle the results properly?


Does the arbiter have good knowledge of the regulations?


Did the arbiter assist his/her colleagues whenever needed?


To the best of your knowledge, in which languages is the Arbiter able to sufficiently communicate with players? (Please write in the comments)


Is the arbiter objective?


On a scale of 6 to 10, how to do you rate the arbiter's performance in the event?
(Please explain your grade in the comments)


To the best of your knowledge, did the Arbiter sign GDPR consent?

Is there anything you would like to add about the Arbiter?