Arbiters Corner September

By | 3rd October 2020

An article from the September edition of the ECU E-Magazine: “New features on ECU Arbiters’ Council website” by IA Jiřina Prokopová. Available in pdf here.

New features on ECU Arbiters’ Council website

The ECU Arbiters’ Council took into consideration suggestions and requests mentioned during the ECU Arbiters Seminar in May and here are few new features you can find on our website.

The first wish of ECU arbiters was to have an archive of articles from the Arbiters Corner of the ECU E-magazine. So new page was created – see Articles. And you can find there all the articles from the past two years as well as links to the all E-magazine issues.

Every article published in the E-magazine is always also published on our website. And if you don’t want to miss any of them in the future and if you are also interested in other announcements and events of the ECU arbiters world, you can now subscribe to our website here. And if you do, we will always be in touch with you.

Just fill in your name and email address

Other changes were related for our reporting procedure. You can check out the new version here. We responded to comments of Chief Arbiters of the ECU events 2019 and we wanted to make it more user friendly, less tedious and easier. We switched from paper (doc) versions of Tournament reports and Evaluation forms and created online ones, which should be much quicker to fill in and also overall more efficient. New Evaluation forms also include different questions for different positions of arbiters which makes it more personalized and also logical.

We want to ask for your suggestions for improvement to the above or any other. There is no reason the evaluation forms and other parts couldn’t further evolve, since our ultimate goal is to have nice and complete concise system, which will be useful and effective. We would also be more than happy to work together with FIDE towards joined reporting procedure, which could benefit us both and contribute to the professionalization of our craft in the future.

Jiřina Prokopová