Message to the delegates of all ECU Federations

By | 21st October 2019

The ECU Arbiters’ Council made some proposals to be discussed and hopefully to be approved during the ECU General Assembly in Batumi.

Our main proposal concerns the appointment of match arbiters by ECU Arbiters’ Council during all ECU Events as mentioned in the ECU Tournament Regulations (Annex 6: List of Arbiters to be appointed by the ECU President with the recommendation of ECU Arbiters’ Council).

ECU Arbiters’ Council has made this proposal because it is part of our working plan which has been approved by the ECU Board.

We want to announce a call of interest for all European arbiters because we are receiving applications from arbiters from different federations.

Unfortunately however, so far we have no power to nominate any match arbiter.

Our proposal applies to 12 or 13 ECU tournaments every year (depending on ETCC played every two years).

The total amount of involved arbiters is about 200.

Our proposal concerns the match arbiters, not the Chief Arbiter or and Deputy Chief Arbiter.

So we are talking about a total of approximately 160 arbiters.

In our proposal we would like to  appoint 25% from all the match arbiters, especially arbiters from federations other than the organizing federation.

This would mean that ECU Arbiters’ Council would like to appoint an average of 3 or 4 match arbiters for each ECU Event.

We are convinced that we can appoint arbiters based on objective criteria taking into account the experience of the arbiter, his category, his evaluations during other tournaments etc…

ECU Arbiters’ Council may also put some remarks on the proposals of the organizer based on previous performances of the proposed arbiters.

We would appreciate it very much if we would get your support and your approval for our proposals.

Dear Delegates, if you should have any questions or remarks about our proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact the ECU Arbiters’ Council.

On behalf of ECU Arbiters Council….

Geert Bailleul.