Swiss-Manager guide from IA Tania Karali

Distinguished international arbiter Tania Karali from Greece created a thorough guide to one of the most frequently used pairing softwares – Swiss Manager. Tania explained her reasons to dedicate so much time to create something, which she will share with all of us: “I decided to write a complete guide for Swiss-Manager, a manual to help both new… Read More »

Educational workshops

FIDE Arbiters’ Commission organized two educational workshops for arbiters, both were managed by the Commission chairman IA Laurent Freyd. First one was for Arbiters in online chess events in cooperation with the ECU Arbiter’s Council chairman IA Tomasz Delega. The workshop was quite successfull as there were over 450 people watching online. And to this date it has… Read More »

Chess Arbiters’ thematic crossword – solution

In case you didn’t catch the solution of the Chess Arbiters’ thematic crossword in the April issue of the ECU Magazine, you can find out the right answers here. Click on the picture to open or download the pdf version. Prepared by: IA Tomasz Delega

FIDE and ECU Workshop for arbiters in online chess

FIDE Arbiters’ Commission in cooperation with the ECU Arbiter’s council will organize a Workshop for arbiters in online chess events, 10. 06. 2020 (18:00 – 20:00 CEST). You can find all the infromation on the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission’s website. “The conference will be held in Zoom. To register, simply send an email to Prior to the start, the… Read More »

74th Internet based FIDE Arbiters Seminar organized by the ECU Arbiters’ Council

by: Geert Bailleul From Monday May 4th until Thursday May 7th, the ECU Arbiters’ Council organized an internet based FA Seminar, in cooperation with the Education Team of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission. The lecturer was IA Jirina Prokopova (CZE), FIDE lecturer, member of the ECU Arbiters’ Council and member of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission. The assistant lecturers were… Read More »

Arbiters Corner April

An article from the April edition of ECU E-Magazine: “The confusing case of the “virtual opponent” by Tania Karali. The current lockdown, however unfortunate it is, could be an opportunity to revise some chess and/or tournament rules. In chess tournaments, it is often that unplayed games cause various irregularities. These may include a player waiting for his opponent… Read More »

ECU Arbiter Seminar

ECU Arbiters Council would like to invite all arbiters to meet online on the first day of the upcoming FA Seminar – Sunday May 3. You can listen to a few topics interesting for ECU arbiters like System of appointments for ECU events, ECU Tournament rules, reporting procedure, evaluations of ECU Arbiters and GDPR related matters. And you… Read More »

Online ECU/FIDE Arbiters Seminar

We would like to invite all arbiters interested in getting the norm from seminar neccessary for the FA title to the Online ECU/FIDE Arbiters Seminar! It will follow all the standards required by FIDE and will also provide information for ECU arbiters from the members of ECU Arbiter’s Council. For more information and for registration please continue here. We… Read More »

Arbiters Corner – Call of interest

(UPDATE – March edition included) Articles from the January edition of ECU E-Magazine by Geert Bailleul and February and March edition by Jirina Prokopova and Marco Biagioli sum up all you need to know about the Call of Interest and everything it envolves.