Message to the delegates of all ECU Federations

The ECU Arbiters’ Council made some proposals to be discussed and hopefully to be approved during the ECU General Assembly in Batumi. Our main proposal concerns the appointment of match arbiters by ECU Arbiters’ Council during all ECU Events as mentioned in the ECU Tournament Regulations (Annex 6: List of Arbiters to be appointed by the ECU President… Read More »

Equal Opportunities Workshop

An article from the September edition of ECU E-Magazine: “1st Workshop of Equal Opportunities in Thessaloniky” by Ismini Tzegka.

Proposal for ECU GA 2019

Here is a proposal from the ECU Arbiters’ Council regarding change of ECU TR Appointment system of foreign arbiters for approval of ECU GA in Batumi, 2019. Appointment system of foreign arbiters – proposal with highlighted changes. Appointment system of foreign arbiters – clear version.

New Rules valid from 1 July 2019

IA Tomasz Delega In the previous FIDE management there was a good habit, to inform federations in advance by email about new rules or regulations, valid from 1 July, next year after the FIDE Olympiad. This important reminder has been an inspiration for federations to translate all novelties to the national languages. Then, arbiters and organizers around the… Read More »


IA Marco Biagioli Some of the changes in FIDE Laws of Chess occurred in the last two years, brought big news for us Arbiters. First, since July 2017, moving a piece with two hands is considered and penalised as an illegal move; and second, since January 2018, illegal moves in Rapid and Blitz games are penalised as in… Read More »

Workshop during the EWICC

During the Women Individual Chess Championship in Antalya (April 2019, Turkey) the ECU Arbiters’ Council organized an online video workshop for all the arbiters of the tournament, together with all arbiters who were interested. Lecturer of the workshop was IA Tomasz Delega, Chairman of the ECU Arbiters’ Council. The following topics were discussed:  the functioning and the working… Read More »

Development FA and IO Seminars in Trieste

The European Chess Union, with the cooperation of the Italian Arbiters’ Commission on behalf of Italian Chess Federation and the FIDE Development Commission, organises a multiple-field training event specially dedicated to female participants, from 1st-7th September in the city of Trieste, Italy. The objective of the event is to develop women’s activity in Chess as per the priorities… Read More »

Arbiters Corner May

An article from the May edition of ECU E-Magazine: “Is Appendix A (Rapid chess) totally consistent with art. 9 of the Laws of Chess?” by Marco Biagioli.