Swiss-Manager guide from IA Tania Karali

By | 27th June 2020

Distinguished international arbiter Tania Karali from Greece created a thorough guide to one of the most frequently used pairing softwares – Swiss Manager.

Tania explained her reasons to dedicate so much time to create something, which she will share with all of us: “I decided to write a complete guide for Swiss-Manager, a manual to help both new and experienced arbiters. I have been using the program for a decade and I am pretty familiar with the vast majority of its aspects. However, not every arbiter is in the same position. To date I have received many requests to explain from the very simple to the most complex features. Thus, I wrote this manual to help every arbiter who is struggling with it.”

You can find the guide here. It is a wonderful read and it will surely find it’s place in a toolbox of every keen arbiter.

Thank you, Tania.