Workshop during the EWICC

By | 24th July 2019

During the Women Individual Chess Championship in Antalya (April 2019, Turkey) the ECU Arbiters’ Council organized an online video workshop for all the arbiters of the tournament, together with all arbiters who were interested.

Lecturer of the workshop was IA Tomasz Delega, Chairman of the ECU Arbiters’ Council.

The following topics were discussed:  the functioning and the working plan of the ECU Arbiters’ Council; the New Rules of Chess valid from July 1st 2019; discussion on anti-cheating and anti-cheating measures.

The following persons participated at the workshop:

IA Haznedaroglu Tayfun, IA Kucukkilinc Harun, IA Kara Aydin, FA Tezuysal Duygu, NA Kartal Ayhan, NA Kamber Elif, IA Nikoladze Sopio, FA Ulusoy Mustafa, NA Postaagasi Yildiz, IA Geert Bailleul, IA Ahmet Uctu.

The participating arbiters, together with ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili and Mrs Gulkiz Tulaythe, President of the Turkish Chess Federation. Not on the photo: IA Ahmet Uctu, chairman of het Turkish AC.

Text by: Geert Bailleul