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ECU Arbiters’ Council Meeting

ECU Arbiters’ Council Meeting will take place online on 17 December 2020 at 19:00 – 21:00 CET. The ECU Arbiters’ Council invites representatives of the European Federations for an open meeting of the council. Each National Chess federation, member of ECU can register two participants for the AC meeting. Meeting’s Agenda: 1. Annual report of the council 2.… Read More »

Arbiters Riddle – Results

In the latest issue of the ECU E-Magazine we published the results of Arbiters Riddle prepared by IA Tania Karali and announced the winner. We would like to thank everyone, who sent us their answer and participated in the competition. And of course, congratulations to the winner IA David Gonzalez Gandara from Spain! See the solution in the… Read More »

Educational workshops

FIDE Arbiters’ Commission organized two educational workshops for arbiters, both were managed by the Commission chairman IA Laurent Freyd. First one was for Arbiters in online chess events in cooperation with the ECU Arbiter’s Council chairman IA Tomasz Delega. The workshop was quite successfull as there were over 450 people watching online. And to this date it has… Read More »

ECU Arbiter Seminar

ECU Arbiters Council would like to invite all arbiters to meet online on the first day of the upcoming FA Seminar – Sunday May 3. You can listen to a few topics interesting for ECU arbiters like System of appointments for ECU events, ECU Tournament rules, reporting procedure, evaluations of ECU Arbiters and GDPR related matters. And you… Read More »

Online ECU/FIDE Arbiters Seminar

We would like to invite all arbiters interested in getting the norm from seminar neccessary for the FA title to the Online ECU/FIDE Arbiters Seminar! It will follow all the standards required by FIDE and will also provide information for ECU arbiters from the members of ECU Arbiter’s Council. For more information and for registration please continue here. We… Read More »

Arbiters’ Manual 2020

FIDE Arbiters’ Commission released a brand new and improved version of the Arbiters’ Manual. It contains updated regulations from the FIDE Handbook as well as an introduction from the chairman IA Laurent Freyd. You can find the document here. We encourage all the ECU arbiters to benefit from this text. In the same time we would like to… Read More »

First arbiters appointed

First arbiters have been suggested to the organizer by the ECU Arbiter’s Council – based on their points and preferences. The organizer approved this nomination and therefore we have our first appointments as a result of the new Call of Interest. The list is available here, and you will always find it at the bottom of the page… Read More »

Points assigned

Dear Arbiters, after the Call of Interest for all ECU arbiters the ECU Arbiter’s Council finalized the Table of Points as a part of the new System of Appointments of the Arbiters in Official ECU Championships and now it has been published on our website here. The Council evaluated all the applications and created a list of interested… Read More »

Interested Arbiters

Dear Colleagues Arbiters, we are very thankful that so many of you participated in our Call of Interest for ECU tournaments. We have received 197 applications and among them 176 were from titled arbiters and passed the necessary conditions. We publish the names of all these interested arbiters HERE and we are waiting till January 26th 2020 for… Read More »

Call of interest

The European Chess Union Arbiters’ Council announce the call of interest for European arbiters interested in to be appointed as arbiter, match arbiter or anti-cheating arbiter for ECU tournaments in 2020. Please fill the form between 10 December 2019 and 10 January 2020. The applications received later will not be considered. Best regards, Tomasz Delega, Chairman of ECU… Read More »